Within the framework of NoAWE (Nonlinear dynamics of Abnormal Wave Events) project funded by the French national research agency (ANR), the Photonics group of the PHLAM research institute at the University of Lille 1 currently has a vacancy for a postdoctoral position working in the study of extreme events in different branches of science, with particular emphasis on nonlinear optics and laser physics. The
focus is mainly on two processes, namely Rogue Waves (RW), that is the generation of waves of unexpectedly high amplitude, and Dispersive Shock Waves (DSW), that is the evolution of steep fronts towards a discontinuity (wave breaking), followed by a regularization through fast oscillations. RW and DSW are quite ubiquitous phenomena in nonlinear physics and they are encountered in several physical settings, the most known being fluid dynamics and oceanography.
The purpose of the project is twofold. First, it aims at a theoretical description of extreme events in different physical settings, to give a unified view of these phenomena. Second, it is aimed to exploit the unique test-bed offered by nonlinear optics and photonics, to experimentally analyze these processes in an easier and safer way with respect, for example, to oceanography.
The candidate must have a Ph. D in Physics or a related discipline, published research, extensive experience in theoretical and/or experimental nonlinear optics and laser physics, knowledge in nonlinear dynamics and experience with numerical simulations and theoretical modelling.

The position is full-time fixed for two years and it is expected to start in early 2015 with some flexibility. The remuneration will be fixed accordingly to the experience of the candidate. Interested candidates should send an enquiry, a CV including a list of publications to Matteo Conforti at Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.

Further information on the PHLAM research institute can be found at

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